My name is Ance Stīpniece. Currently, I live in Riga and study Glass Art at the Art Academy of Latvia.

I am fascinated by the glass as a material a lot and I see many opportunities to express myself as an artist in this material. My secondary interest is interior design where I realize myself working in this industry. Also, I am interested in contemporary art, graphic design, jewellery design and analogue photography. 


The first thing that inspires and charges me the most is the mutual contact with people. Second - the human body. I am fascinated by how smart, strong and beautiful it is made and with so many senses. That is why in my glass artworks a human body appears most of the time. Behind the work you can see, I find my inspiration in the work process,  because the best ideas come in the process of creation.


I am interested in art and design in various forms and expressions. Spatial thinking is particularly my strongest side that often influences how I see 2 dimensional planes even. For this reason I am naturally interested in interior design and work that requires working physically with materials.

At this time of my life I work with glass and find my expressions responding to the creative side the most. I find that glass is the material that allows me to do that the best due to its unique qualities. I also believe it has a special energy and various shapes, forms and expressions as it is almost alive. I am fascinated by glass play with light, color and reflection. I like to combine it with other media and technologies - light, metal, even sound...to surprise the viewer and make everyone see the beauty and brick soul of glass.