Technique: Sand casted glass, hot sculpted glass

Material: Glass, metal, Ied

Size: Glass – 6pcs., Ø170x43mm, Ø123x45mm, Ø115x45mm, Ø100x42mm, Ø85x40mm, Ø73x35mm. Metal base – 6pcs., 1300x475x550mm


This work is about the contemporary view of time and space, the growing rhythm of life, the constant lack of time, the disconnection from natural cycles, and the change of values. Everything is in continual movement; things and people in our lives change, memories deform and slowly disappear. In the work, glass lenses operate as a symbol of the eye through which we see the space we live in. Another component, the lights that appear and disappears in every glass lens, one by one in the circular movement, like the clock, representing the artificial time we follow. In each glass lens a photo appears. The photographs on the glass are made in historical technique, highlighting the ethereality of memory.

The work is made in dedication to my grandfather, who introduced me to analog photography. He will always stay in my memory through his photos.


Photo credits - Līga Vītola