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Technique: blown glass

Material: glass, stone

This is the design project of glassware for food storage. Set contains 4 pieces of glassware in different shapes and use. Each piece includes glass cover and stone plate. "Touch of time" is made for people who care about health and nature, who prefer natural materials instead of plastic bags and containers, who appreciate quality and design. Each piece is unique and unrepeatable. The handle of glass cover is made us people hand mark - the meaning of people's desire to control and slow down  the natural time.

Nr. 1 - for one piece of cut vegetable or fruit (for example lemon or onion). Stone plate is with texture which store the juice of food.

Nr. 2 - for dark chocolate. Chocolate should be stored at room temperature in dry, dark and closed place because chocolate can absorb the odor and therefore some of the flavors of other foods. Plate is usable for cutting the chocolate and serving it on table. 

Nr. 3 - for cut vegetables ( for example carrot, cucumber, radish). Storing the cut vegetables in a container filled with small amount of cold water can help to retain moisture.

Nr. 4 - for cut cheese and cooked ham. Plate is usable for cutting the food and serving it on table.